Chalks out of seashells investigatory project

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Investigatory Project

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Chalks out of seashells

They made seashells into categories for them to sell it. Map seashells are frequently found by others. Data and Findings Table1. Luxury hard research, we, the researchers studied the principles of the main source, which is writing, and we analyzed that it can be a simple specimen in our investigatory project.

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The chalk out of sea shells is for local or non-local used for schools or any educational facets or even at place which can be formed into different sizes and colourss harmonizing to your will.

We. the research workers. used the sea shells to recycle and transformed it into a utile merchandise that will be used in our developing community.

But don’t you know that aside from those things. to make a chalk out of seashells. the shells of. Empty seashells are often found by beachcombers. such as the molted shells or exuviate of crabs and lobsters.

Chalk Out of Seashells

a marine organism.5/5(2). In this research, I studied the characteristics of the main source, which is seashell, and I analyzed that it can be a great specimen in my investigatory project.

I have done several experiments, which lead into a successful ending in the said project. The study on the production of chalk out of sea shells was designed to produce quality dustless and long lasting chalk to compare with the standard existing commercialized chalks if there are any, which was sold in the market/5(67).

Physical Characteristics of the Chalk made from seashells. Table 1 shows the Physical characteristics of the experimental and commercial chalk. It shows that they have different characteristics in terms of hardness but are both rough in terms of its texture.

Chapter 1 Introduction 1. Background of the study More people used to collect sea shells for fun and for past time. They made decorations, jewelries, and even accessories for a doll out of it.

Chalks out of seashells investigatory project
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