Model of science communication

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Models of communication

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A Model of the Communication Process which describes the ways in which people (creators and consumers of messages) create and intepret messages using language and media. The College of Saint Rose graduate program in Communication Sciences & Disorders is designed to provide future speech-language pathologists with the professional expertise and sensitivity they need to handle the challenges of the field.

The main focus of training was in basic communication theories and models. There is broad agreement that the science community would benefit from additional science communication training and that deficit model thinking remains prevalent.

Information deficit model

The Power of Science Communication McCallie et al () presented a three dimension model focused on the role of the public, of the experts and the content focus of the discussion.

Science communication involves expertise from multiple disciplines (Fishhoff & Scheufele, ): subject matter scientist, to get the facts right; decision. Two-step flow model of communication: Two-step flow model of communication, theory of communication that proposes that interpersonal interaction has a far stronger effect on shaping public opinion than mass media outlets.

The two-step flow model was formulated in by Paul Lazarsfeld, Bernard Berelson, and Hazel Gaudet in the book.

Model of science communication
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A Communication Model