Moral science should be a compulsory subject in schools

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Importance of Moral science in Education

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Importance of Moral science in Education

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Therefore Moral science must be made a compulsory in school curriculum. Isn’t it? It is also a science of human soul; it’s a mirror of one’s inward mind, one’s ethics.

Moral science is taught as a subject in most schools. Not always with a great deal of effectiveness.

Perhaps, part of the problem lies in the fact that morality is not a science, strictly speaking. It is too much of a social phenomenon and there is too much of the personal and subjective mixed within, for it to be taught as a rational science. I think science subject should made compulsory in order to improve in the health ov the country especially in terms ov medication and so many if there r more scientists in the country that means that there will be improved health in the country bcoz more ideas will comdine together to make a certain important solution to a certain disease or pest.

Mostly, moral education is taught as a separate subject namely Moral Sciences in the majority of schools in our country. The nature of this subject is very impressionable, as the textbooks contain lessons that are quite inspirational and students get to pick up some valuable points about life.

Moral Education or Value Education is becoming an important subject these days in school both at the elementary and secondary level. Moral Education from an early age aims to teach values like respect, ownership, teamwork, empathy, humility, etc.

Moral education should be made compulsory in all schools. We can’t say that the personality of a youth or an individual is complete, just because he is well-educated and is full of knowledge despite the lack of morality, then it should be practiced while the youth is still studying.

Moral science should be a compulsory subject in schools
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Moral education should be made compulsory in all schools