Spanish communist party 1936

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Spanish Revolution of 1936

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Communist Party of Spain

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Spanish Socialist Workers' Party

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Published: Thu, 19 Oct Poster: Central Committee of the Spanish Communist Party, I. State what the document is. The document is a political rallying call inspired by the proclamation of the Central Committee of the Spanish Communist Party (PCE). The Spanish Communist Party, however, and many socialists, maintained that Spain was not historically ripe for an anticapitalist revolution and openly declared themselves for the bourgeois republic.

The Spanish Communist Party, however, and many socialists, maintained that Spain was not historically ripe for an anticapitalist revolution and openly declared themselves for the bourgeois republic.

Spanish general election, 1936

Communist Party of Spain (PCE) The Spanish Civil War > Spanish Civil War: Chronology > Communist Party of Spain (PCE) Primary Sources Communist Party of Spain (PCE) The Communist Party (PCE) in Spain was founded in November, This resulted in the outbreak of.

In the election before the military uprising a moderate liberal Republican government was elected with the backing of the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE). The key Republican was the moderate liberal Mañuel Azaña.

Spanish Civil War breaks out

There were no Communists in the Republican government and only 17 Communist. Communist Party of Spain (PCE), Spanish Partido Comunista de España, Spanish political party founded in by dissident members of the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE).

Spanish Socialist Workers' Party

In April youth members of the PSOE split from the party, and the following year the PCE was formed when these former socialists united with the Spanish Communist Workers’ Party.

Spanish communist party 1936
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Spanish Civil War breaks out - HISTORY