Write a query to find nth highest salary of an employee

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Write query to find the employees with top 5 salaries ?

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What will be the SQL query to select the second highest salary from the employee table?

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1. Create database schema and populate table. Lets create a simple example of Employee table. We will populate this table with id, and and salary of employees.

Find out nth highest salary from emp table

We will write. How to find the employee whose salary is second highest. For example, in above table, “ghi” has the second highest salary as Below is simple query to find the employee whose salary is highest.

SELECT name, MAX(salary) as salary FROM employee We can nest the above query to find. Highest Salary in each department. I need to make a query that find the highest salary for each department. sql sql-server tsql.

share | improve this question. edited Jul 9 at mwilczynski. If it matches, that means that employee gets the highest salary in his/her department. Enter a company name, product type or brand to search the industry directory. In above query where you see (N-1), you can replace the N with any other number based on your need.

For example, if you want to find the 10th highest record, you can just write () or just 9 there and it will bring back necessary record. Jan 12,  · One of the most common ways to solve this problem of finding the Nth maximum salary from Employee table is by using the correlated unavocenorthernalabama.com is a special type of subquery where the subquery depends upon the main query and execute for every row returned by the main query.

Write a query to find nth highest salary of an employee
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4 Ways to find Nth highest salary in SQL - Oracle, MSSQL and MySQL